The Microcosm in Italian Schools

The Microcosm in Italian Schools

Microcosm, one of two smart farming solutions from Piano Green, a startup born of a collaboration between Santagata 1907 and Gruppo Fos, is a field simulator that is landing in Italian schools to help students acquire new digital skills and get closer to the professions of the future in the agritech sector.

In this way, the school becomes a learning ecosystem thanks to digital, and to date there are 6 schools, from north to south across the country, that have decided to have a Microcosm.

Istituto Superiore L. Einaudi – Foggia

Liceo Pitagora – Torre Annunziata (NA)

Istituto Tecnico Industriale Enrico Medi – San Giorgio a Cremano (NA)

Istituto Valboite – Cortina

IIS L. Einaudi – Chiari (FI)

6° scuola

Schools that have decided to equip themselves with a Microcosm have participated in the 2014-2020 PON “Edugreen” aimed at creating green, sustainable and innovative laboratories for education and training in the ecological transition.

We hope to receive many more orders in 2023 thanks to the Pnrr-Piano Scuola 4.0 aimed at completing the modernization of Italian school environments to accompany the digital transition of Italian schools.

“Microcosm – The Smart Field Simulator” is a patent of the FOS Group with ENEA – National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development – to simulate in an indoor environment the cultivation of higher plants by replicating, through the dual stage, what happens in nature to allow studying the growth of plants subjected to experimental conditions.

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