Saveurs du Monde in Marseilles all the “good” Made in Italy

Saveurs du Monde in Marseilles all the “good” Made in Italy

Santagata and Frantoio di Portofino presented their products on the occasion of “Saveurs du Monde”, which was held in Marseille last December, an exhibition dedicated to kosher, halal and organic certified food products.

The initiative is part of the promotional activities supported by the Ministry of Economic Development to enhance and promote internationally certified Italian productions. Santagata company has in its production religious certification Kosher and Halal as well as a line of organic olive oil.

Kosher certification

Jewish legislation on food is called Kashrut. The adjective kosher or kosher means fit, conform. It indicates foods that you can consume in conformity with the rules. The kashrut is basically founded on the Bible and the interpretation of it that the rabbis have provided. Much of Jewish law on food is centered on meat and on its slaughter. Regarding the olive oil, its production process is checked by the competent Jewish authority.

Halal certification

Halal is an Arabic word which identifies, in its primary meaning, everything is permissible. In common usage, Halal indicates above all the set of rules and typical food requirements of the Islamic religion. The food must be lawful but also pure and healthy, obtaining it should not be the result of excess or abuse. Many non-Islamic people also buy halal products because of their high-quality standards and the assurance that comes from controlling the entire supply chain, from raw materials, to production, to the marketing.

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