Over 100 Years of activity dedicated to quality

For over 100 years the Santagata company has been selecting and trading fine olive and extra virgin oils with the “Santagata” and “Frantoio di Portofino” trademarks. Since its establishment in 1907, the enterprise has been offering high quality olive oils, in accordance with the most restrictive European rules and respecting rigid quality and safety standards.

The Santagata business focuses on two areas:

  • Selection and trading of bulk products which are specifically created for important national and international brands.
  • Selection and trading of bottled products, which are intended for the final consumer

Through the study and the analysis of a wide variety of oils, year after year Santagata is able to balance and harmonize the flavour notes in every product, whether it is bottled or bulk, and it preserves a high and unaltered quality level over time thanks to the analysis of the organoleptic properties of its oils.

Santagata purchases raw materials from certified suppliers, which are long-term partners operating on the local, national and European market. The company guarantees excellent quality and taste consistency in all its products thanks to specialized testings, to its technical expertise and to professional tastings. All the company management is a qualified ONAOO taster.

Technical expertise is demonstrated by the deep understanding of the target market, in other words of the agricultural sector of production (the growing seasons, the harvests influenced by metereologic and systemic factors), of customers’needs (flavour, quality and service) and of the economic system of oil (financial trends, market fluctuations).

For the most demanding oil experts, Santagata means “high level and inimitable quality”.

Headquarters, turnover, employees

  • The company headquarters is located in Genoa, Italy.
  • Turnover for the year 2019: 66.5 mm €
  • Number of employees: 10 office workers, 12 production line workers, together with sales representatives


  • Storage capacity: 600 tonnes
  • Bottled products production line: 3 in 700 sqm
  • Bottled products production capacity: 8.500 litres/per hour


Bulk products

  • Distribution: 70% Italy, 30% export
  • Types of customers: oil bottling industries, food industries

Bottled products

  • Distribution: 40% Italy, 60% export
  • Types of customers: 80% retail, 20% hotel and catering industry
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