Oil in Bulk: the company asset.

Santagata selects and trades products in bulk that are specifically produced for important national and international brands, thus providing year after year distinctive products and making every brand unmistakably recognizable. Products in bulk represent the most sold items, especially the virgin, the extra virgin and the olive pomace oils. The company breaking into foreign markets has consequently led it to meet new needs and expand its activity by producing seed oil, sunflower oil and grapeseed oil. Santagata produces high-quality oils thanks to its deep technical knowledge and its ability to select the raw materials, as well as thanks to the stringent quality and safety system, the organoleptic tests and the tasting panels.


Santagata purchases raw material exclusively from certified suppliers that are long-term partners operating on the local, national and European market. Santagata carries out both specific tests at the company and professional tastings directly at the supplier’s olive oil mill.


If the results of the performed tests meet the required standards, the oil is then moved into stainless steel tanks that are located in a designated warehouse where the temperature does not exceed 20°C in order to prevent oxidation. The tanks have been specifically designed to minimize the oil contact with air and to remove the sediment that is constantly generated by the settling of the olive particles, which may still be present in the oily must. Before shipping the oil to the customer, the product is first submitted to further tests and then loaded and prepared for transport.


Transportation and Logistics

Santagata arranges the supply and transfer of its products in relation to the customers’ needs. With a minimum purchase, the customer can choose and order different product formats:

  • High-quality steel drums for food product storage of 195 kg capacity (580 mm of diameter, 880 mm of height, 211 kg of gross weight). Delivery service is available only for disposable drums.
  • Galvanized steel frame plastic containers of 1.000 liters capacity; the dimensions of containers comply with ISO standards, whereas the barrels stacking system comply with European standards. Upon request, we fill the tanks with customer’s property.
  • Pallecons equipped with sterilised bag of 1.000 litres capacity.
  • Tanks of 2,5 tons of capacity. Our trucks have a load capacity of 11 and 8 tons and they deliver stainless steel tanks with a capacity of 2,5 tons each.

Santagata distributes its products globally and it supports its customers in selecting the most convenient shipping method, as well as the one ensuring the highest quality products. Furthermore, the company offers to those who make request for it, the opportunity to get the report of the Panel testings, which are performed by experts from the Genoa Bureau of Customs.


Santagata also provides consulting services and professional advice aimed at helping its customers solve particular problems or implement specific projects, thus ensuring real time response as well as all the necessary competences. The company management has a comprehensive knowledge of the contemporary world of oils as well as of all the competences required to move within this world. This knowledge is the result of the national and international networks of contacts that have been established in the course of decades, of the ability to listen closely to both big and small manufacturing companies, together with the financial expertise the management has acquired in over one hundred years of activity.

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