For over 100 years Santagata has been selecting high-quality olive oils

For over 100 years Santagata has been selecting high-quality olive oils and extra virgin oils, which are sold in Italy and worldwide in accordance with the most restrictive European rules and respecting rigid quality and safety standards.
Giovanni Battista established the firm in 1907, since then the five Santagata generations that followed have managed the enterprise with the same passion, dedication and professionalism.
The company started its activity at the beginning of the twentieth century, in the wonderful location of the hamlet of Camogli.
That was the time when Giovanni Battista Santagata decided to turn his passion for high-quality olive oil into a successful company, which never forgot to focus its attention on the quality of its products and on the surrounding territory.
The company brought pure artisan tradition from a small fishing hamlet to the global market, and it achieved its success through professional competence and passion.
The plantation and cultivation of olive trees have deep roots in the history of the countries overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, among them Italy has always been a leading country as refers to olive growing and to the production of olive oil and of extra virgin olive oil.

Throughout the year Santagata reviews all the production areas and it verifies the trees health conditions, because it is aware of the fact that the quality of finished products relies on the proper functioning of the whole ecosystem.
At present, the activity of Santagata is divided into the selection and trading of bulk products, which are specifically created for important national and international brands and for the food industry and, into the selection and trading of bottled products under the Santagata and Frantoio di Portofino brands, which are intended for the final consumer.
Santagata carries out careful studies and in-depth analyses of the features of a wide variety of oils, these activities enable the company to provide its customers with products – both bottled and bulk – characterised by balanced and harmonious flavours; they also ensure a high level of quality, which is maintained unaltered over time thanks to specialized testing, technical expertise and professional tastings. The company has a deep-rooted identity in the Genoa area and in the Ligurian territory.
As a matter of fact, Santagata has always been committed to actively support traditional high-quality products and to promote food culture as key factors for the socialization of peoples and for the development of a sense of brotherhood among them; in addition to this, the company firmly believes in the enhancement of a healthy lifestyle.

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