It is the result of a careful and harmonious selection of the finest Italian extra virgin oils. GOLDEN SELECTION extra virgin oil is limpid and it presents a yellow hue with green reflections. It reveals a fruity aroma of medium/light intensity and it is characterised by vegetable overtones recalling the flavours of artichoke and almond. On the palate GOLDEN SELECTION has medium fluidity, and the flavour reveals a hint of almonds with echoes of artichokes and a light spicy touch at the end. Each oil type has to be combined with the structural properties of the food it is paired with. Our GOLDEN SELECTION is particularly suitable for dishes with a strong character and with a distinctive flavour like raw and cooked vegetables, meat and soups. Alongside its quality, extra virgin oil contains precious elements for our body. Olives are rich in compounds called biophenols: they are mainly antioxidants which can be found in olive oil and that contribute to strengthen our body and maintain it in good health. Santagata GOLDEN SELECTION Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available in 500 ml, 750 ml and 1 litre bottles or in 3 or 5 litres tins.


The fresh and grassy perfume of CLASSIC Extra Virgin Oil makes it perfect to be used as basic ingredient of the Mediterranean cuisine; thanks to its long-lasting fragrance and its distinctive delicate taste, this oil is suitable for everyday cooking. CLASSIC Extra Virgin Oil is recognizable by its grassy perfume and its well-balanced taste. It presents a grassy aroma of medium intensity; on the palate it reveals a harmonious and well-balanced flavour. In addition to its sensory features, extra virgin olive oil stands out also from a nutritional point of view. The presence of antioxidants, the so-called biophenols, makes olive oil an essential product, not only for its taste but also for our health. Santagata CLASSIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available in 500 ml and 1 litre bottles, in 1 litre PET bottles or in 3 and 5 litres tins as well as in 1 gallon tins. The Marasca (square) version is available in 250 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml and 1 litre bottles.



This is an extra virgin oil from organic farming, an absolutely natural product characterised by an intense fragrance and by ripe fruity notes. Santagata organic oil is a complex and harmonious extra virgin olive oil, which is ideal in combination with dishes of medium structure like shellfish, molluscs, meat or fish carpaccio, and with both raw and cooked sweet vegetables. Demand for organic products is growing rapidly. It does not simply represent a particular production method, it is a real value that implies the enhancement of local products, the protection of the territory and of biodiversity as well as a special attention to sustainability.
This is the attitude that guides Santagata to the production of its ORGANIC oil, an extra virgin oil that is characterised by fragrances recalling the ripe fruits and by a sweet and round taste, able to reveal the oil culture that is handed down from generation to generation.
Olive oil is one of the fundamental ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, which is acknowledged as part of the world heritage list by UNESCO; through a production method focused on the environment and on health, Santagata shows its commitment to the selection and trading of high-quality products. Santagata ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available in 500 ml bottles.


Grapeseed oil is a healthy product, which is extracted directly from the seeds of grapes and is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. It is an all-purpose cooking oil, and this is due to its light flavour and to the possibility to use it for cooking at high temperatures.



Pomace oil is obtained by blending refined olive pomace with extra virgin oil. It is characterised by a higher smoking point than other refined seed oils, in respect of which it is a valid alternative for cooking and frying.


A refined olive oil blended with a high-quality extra virgin oil gives a product characterised by a light and delicate flavour with a subtle aroma of olives. Thanks to its high smoking point, this soft oil is ideal for raw condiments as well as for high-temperature cooking and for light and crunchy fried food.



The combination of Classic extra virgin oil with fresh and first-class ingredients gives four Mediterranean specialties, which are created to satisfy the most demanding palate.
Santagata proposes: Garlic and Chilli Pepper, Basil, Porcini Mushrooms, Lemon and Truffle.


Oily must essence and Novello (fresh-pressed oil) that is only available in limited edition, from November 15 until January 31. Santagata harvests and then bottles unrefined olives to highlight the naturalness of the product. The oily must is a non-filtered oil, which is naturally cloudy for those who love pure extra virgin oil.

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