Next Generation: looking to the future

Next Generation: looking to the future

Cristina Santagata, CEO of Santagata 1907, took part in the tables of “Next Generation, the Italian Innovation Society” held in Rome organized by Talent Garden, thanks also to the collaboration with CNA Giovani.

The aim of the initiative was to present ten crucial points for the development of our country and to invite the Government to channel part of the European funds to support the three strategic areas identified: EDUCATION, FOOD & FOOD TECH, CULTURAL HERITAGE. The initiative involved 500 actors of the innovative ecosystem, divided into 50 working tables, and over 100 speakers.

Among the factors that emerged in the agri-food sector, first of all, to encourage investments in food science, an attractive and growing field for the European foodtech sector, and Italian in particular, which focuses on economic and environmental sustainability. Secondly, to enrich the agro-industrial system with data-driven technologies for the application of predictive and increasingly intelligent agronomic models. Using data and the new technologies based on them, such as artificial intelligence, in our sector is precisely fundamental in order to make production more efficient and powerful. Thirdly, “open supply chain” issues, i.e. integrating data, knowledge and technologies for a more efficient, sustainable, and more informed supply chain, in order to make quality products accessible to more people and make agricultural production increasingly sustainable in the long term. Finally, encouraging the reduction of waste, changing perspective to convert waste and scrap, which in addition to an ethical issue represent an incredible economic waste, into unexpected resources: the so-called “circular foodtech”.

For more information, please visit the initiative’s website

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