Redelfi acquires majority stake in Piano Green - Santagata 1907
Redelfi acquires majority stake in Piano Green

Redelfi acquires majority stake in Piano Green

Redelfi, a management company listed since June 2022 on Euronext Growth Milan and operating in the field of digital and green transition, has acquired, through its subsidiary Green Earth, the majority of Piano Green, a startup we founded in January 2021 together with Gruppo FOS, a company listed on Euronext Growth Milan and active in the design and development of digital services and products for large industrial groups and public administration.

Piano Green is a technology startup, focused on the development of smart agriculture solutions with the aim of contributing to a more sustainable and productive future by combining technology with agriculture. It began its commitment by focusing on two IoT solutions: ‘Microcosmo’, a patent by FOS and ENEA to simulate the cultivation of superior plants in a highly innovative indoor environment, both in traditional fields and in environments normally unsuitable for plant growth; ‘Eye-trap’, smart traps developed by the Engineering and Technology Transfer division of FOS, to control and monitor plant pest control directly in the field, in an intelligent and timely manner.

With a capital increase, approved in the amount of EUR 100,000 and subscribed for EUR 95,000, Green Earth acquires a 59.37% share of the share capital, while FOS retains a 24.37% share and Santagata a 13.13% share. This collaboration highlights the possibility of further capital increases in the future that may also be open to third-party investors in order to develop Piano Green’s business.

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