Liguria: new economic planning

Liguria: new economic planning

How do you build a new economic perspective in a context where there is a world that has suffered a pandemic for over 24 months, where there is an ongoing conflict and the news in the papers is sometimes comforting and sometimes less so? A business community, however much it is inhabited by excellent companies and skilled entrepreneurs and managers, when faced with such a situation cannot recover alone, institutional interventions and an economic policy capable of changing and helping the economy to recover are needed.

Liguria and Genoa represent a pilot area, observed at a national level, for the number of factors that it has been able to counter and transform into opportunities. Among the most popular initiatives is the ‘Why Liguria’ project, redefined at international level as ‘Why Liguria, the beautiful and the good’, because in a context of worry and uncertainty, focusing on the beautiful and the good makes the difference.


A major challenge at present is sustainability. But how important is it and how do you tackle it?

According to Cristina Santagata, the term sustainability is nowadays hyper-inflated and it is necessary to make a premise: Santagata 1907 is part of the agri-food sector and today a company that wants to promote a far-sighted policy cannot fail to interact with agriculture, the first piece of the agri-food chain. Indeed, recent events have reminded us how resilient but also very fragile our sector is, just think of raw materials, with the war some products that we took for granted have disappeared, even from the shelves.

Thinking today about sustainable agriculture is fundamental to produce more but with less waste and consumption, this is the great challenge and to do this, in 2021 together with Gruppo FOS, we launched the innovative startup Piano Green, a new project in the field of agriculture 4.0 that applies precisely a technology that allows us to think about sustainable development.

“It is important to bring forward a theme of vision and thus the importance of investing in an agriculture that today cannot ignore the link with technology.”


A sensible way of looking at the NRP is to see it as an instrument that allows businesses and the country system to implement a policy of radical change. The criticism that can be made of past administrations is that of having applied corrective measures that acted as palliatives while today the challenge is to use these funds to change pace and adapt to what Europe is asking of us. It is a great opportunity even if it is not very easy to interpret and make use of it. From the point of view of agribusiness, our missions are different, the first and second are those that have to do directly with our supply chain, but everything to do with education and culture is also fundamental.

We are currently participating in a supply chain project that aims to innovate and improve the specific supply chain of our sector, but the difficulty is not to reason about the investment that each company wants to make, but to create a system and bring together micro and medium-sized companies with different dynamics. In proactive terms, this is a great challenge because it calls on each of us to make a cultural change.

“PNRR is a great opportunity that we must seize to the full”

The Deloitte event, in collaboration with the Liguria Region, was held on 27th May at the Palazzo della Borsa in Genoa. The event was also attended by the Minister for Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti, the President and the Councillor for Economic Development of the Liguria Region, the Mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci, the Presidents of the Chambers of Commerce of Genoa and of the Rivieras di Liguria, the President of Confindustria Liguria, the Rector of the University of Genoa, the Scientific Director of IIT, and representatives of the Port System Authorities of the Western Ligurian Sea and the Eastern Ligurian Sea, the President of Eco Eridania, and the manager of the Vernazza Autogru Logistics Hub.

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