The House of Angels

The House of Angels

Santagata 1907 is sponsor of the contemporary art exhibition “La casa degli angeli” (The House of Angels), an exhibition dedicated to the ethereal figure of the angel that will be inaugurated on Wednesday 25th May at 6 pm at Porta Siberia in Genoa’s Old Port. 

In the art world, the figure of the angel has always been represented in different forms, but it is not just a fad of the past. The angelic theme is indeed of great interest in the world of contemporary art, as demonstrated by the reality born in the Iglesia de los Angeles in Argentina, where there is an entire collection of angelic sculptures by the major international contemporary artists.

At the invitation of Daniele Crippa, art critic and President of the Museum of Portofino Park, forerunner of the Church of the Angels, more than 500 Italian artists recreated their own vision of the figure of the angel, contributing to the creation of a strong artistic bond between Italy and Argentina.

The exhibition will be a journey for visitors to discover the importance of winged messengers in the contemporary world and an opportunity to relive the original values of art.

The exhibition project is the result of the cooperation between Genoa City Council’s Culture Department and Porto Antico’s Presidency with the Cultural Association Art Promoter thanks to a project by the Park Museum, Portofino’s International Open-Air Sculpture Centre, and is realised thanks to the support of Porto Antico, Regione Liguria, City of Genoa and under the High Moral Patronage of Arzobispado de Salta-Argentina, Gobierno de la Provincia de Salta, Ministerio de Cultura y Turismo de Argentina, República Argentina, Emabajada de Italia in Buenos Aires, Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Buenos Aires.

The exhibition will be open from Thursday 26th May to Sunday 29th May from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Porta Siberia (main entrance: pier walls) in the Genoa’s Old Port.

This is a great opportunity for us to support our city’s art and culture.

More information at the following link:

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