An olive oil family

An olive oil family

“An olive oil family – 110 years of an olive oil business as told from different perspectives” is the story of the Santagata family, its bond with Liguria, oil and the more than 100-year-old company that Federico and Cristina Santagata, the fifth generation, run with the same passion and enthusiasm as those who came before them.

This is an Olio Officina narrative that takes readers through the places and moments that have made the Santagata name known in more than 40 countries and towards an understanding of the avant-garde vision that has distinguished the company since 1907.

The Santagata brothers lead the reading, but it is not only their voices that are featured in the book, where we also find other testimonies that help contextualise the oil in a different way. These include those of Tommaso Sitzia, with his naturalistic vision, and nutritionist Giulietta Spadafora, who describes the oil according to its properties and best uses.

The book also contains numerous recipes made with Santagata extra virgin olive oil: traditional dishes linked to the Ligurian territory but not only, Santagata oil has in fact managed to make itself known and chosen even in oriental kitchens, such as in Singapore, by chef Seita Nakahara.

The book is also available in English.

You can buy it at the following link

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