In Sanremo, to support the research - Santagata 1907
In Sanremo, to support the research

In Sanremo, to support the research

On September 28 and 29 in Sanremo, the conference “1991-2017: the panel test takes 25 years, State of the art and possible interactions with other fields of scientific investigation” organized by the Italian Society for the Studio delle Sostanze Grasse (SISSG).
Two days of study and work with the participation of national and international experts on the themes of olive oil and tasting panels. The conference will deepen the agronomic and technological variables that have an impact on the quality, the aroma and the chemical and sensory characteristics of the oil; The state of the art of verification and evaluation techniques of cultivation and production; And the importance of sensory analysis in quality control of olive oil companies.

SISSG was founded in 1960 with the aim of favoring and disseminating the scientific and technical knowledge of fat substances in general and to bring together and to connect the scholars and technical specialists who, in a different way, are interested in the subject.
Our company – given the high scientific value of the initiative and for the daily attention we place in quality control at the different stages of production (from cultivation to the mill, from transport to blending), has decided to be part of the sponsors of the event to contribute effectively to the activity of research and scientific publication.

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