With Chef Andrea De Galleani - Santagata 1907
With Chef Andrea De Galleani

With Chef Andrea De Galleani

He has recently opened his own restaurant in the heart of the city of Genoa, where he revisits traditional Ligurian cuisine proposing Ligurian dishes in a contemporary way, combining flavors and playing on contrasts. His menu highlights the quality of ingredients and their seasonality, with the aim to enhance flavors and to respect times, both those of preparation and those of nature.
We thank Chef Andrea de Galleani, owner of the Restaurant Dega, for having produced dishes and experienced tastes using our extra virgin olive oils and with him we relive the experience of a day.

What have you prepared using our Santagata Golden Selection?
We have focused on three dishes based on fish: one connected to the Ligurian tradition, with grilled cod fillet in a low temperature oil and served with smoked mashed potatoes and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil Golden Selection; both inspired by seasonal products and based on our creativity in combining ingredients, such as roasted scallops in purple potatoes cream with extra virgin olive oil with fois gras and parmesan mousse, and raw squid salad with fennel, oranges and pistachios, always accompanied by the oil extra virgin olive Golden Selection.

How important is the extra-virgin olive oil in your cuisine?
The extra virgin olive oil is essential in our cuisine and in the preparation of our dishes. We combine different olive oils according to the dishes we are preparing. For example, we choose an olive oil with a stronger taste for seasoning simplest dishes like octopus with potatoes that we offer boiled and served with mashed potatoes. While on raw fish or baked fish, we prefer a more soft and fruity olive oil.

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