A good year for words

A good year for words

Extra virgin olive oil as it appears and is described in social media, web and traditional media in the last 6 months of 2019 and in January 2020.

Extra virgin olive oil is the subject of growing interest and attention. In the last 6 months of 2019 it has been discussed 31,000 times with an average of about 170 messages per day (social and web and traditional media). In January of this year it has already happened 145 times.

The drivers of evo oil communication are many and positive. Most of them, like all food products, is carried out by suggestions, comments and recipes exchanged on cooking sites or in social communication.

However, compared to other food products, extra virgin olive oil is very much conveyed thanks to factors that we could define as socio-cultural. In other words, not only the presence in recipes, or the impact on the taste and quality of food but also the healthiness and lifestyle as an essential factor of modern food culture.

On January 22nd, for example, there was a peak in communication on extra virgin olive oil due to several interventions, especially on social issues, on the Mediterranean diet, which followed another peak of positive sentiment caused by articles and news about the popular sirtfood diet in the Anglo-Saxon world that combines the Mediterranean tradition with the Asian one and was considered “less restrictive than the Mediterranean”. Extra virgin olive oil was not in question.

This text is based on information collected thanks to the semantic analysis platform Monitoring Emotion, set up in Italian and English, to analyze all available sources, national and international (social media, web, blogs, online newspapers, print media, radio and TV digitized) on the topic of extra virgin olive oil (Words-Monitoring Emotion data).

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