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Wellness and health

Wellness and health

Well-being and health are two components increasingly present in the communication regarding olive oil (44%). In 2019, news about the findings on the benefits of olive oil against Alzheimer’s and intestinal cancer were widely reported until the recognition of the food and drug admnistration, the U.S. government agency that called extra virgin olive oil “superfood” or even a medicine that as such “needs precautions in intake and storage”.

Another topic that is gaining space in web communication is the interest in organic guaranteed oil (21% of the contents) that is growing along with all the others with a distribution that is moving more and more from specialized shops to supermarkets. Among organic products and not only, extra virgin olive oil is also developing as an alternative use for body care and beauty (about 15% of the communication concerns it).

Olive oil and “do-it-yourself beauty” is a segment that is often in the network by feeding tips and jokes. Last October 3, for example, generated a certain virality the advice launched with a tweet to massage your hair with olive oil before shampooing. Some gourmet reactions were outrageous, others dubious and sarcastic “if I messed up my hair as he does in a few minutes I would find myself with extra virgin olive oil on my head”.

This text is based on information collected thanks to the semantic analysis platform Monitoring Emotion, set up in Italian and English, to analyze all available sources, national and international (social media, web, blogs, online newspapers, print media, radio and TV digitized) on the topic of extra virgin olive oil (Words-Monitoring Emotion data).

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