Anti-CO2 olive oil on “Il Bollettino” - Santagata 1907
Anti-CO2 olive oil on “Il Bollettino”

Anti-CO2 olive oil on “Il Bollettino”

An interesting interview with Cristina Santagata in ‘Il Bollettino’ magazine highlighted the effect of olive oil production on the environment and how some actions could reduce its influence with the aim of producing zero impact olive oil.

The olive oil sector is one of the most traditional in Italy, yet through the application of smart agriculture it could aim for zero CO2 emissions in the future. “Our supply chain has an advantage, because the olive tree is a carbon dioxide fixative,” says Cristina Santagata, CEO of Santagata 1907, at the presentation of the newco “Piano Green”, born from the collaboration with the technology company Gruppo FOS.

The complete interview on Il Bolletino website

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