Santagata Oil in the “Dishes of Wishes”

Santagata Oil in the “Dishes of Wishes”

Ivano Ricchebono, a Michelin star at the restaurant “The Cook al Cavo” in Genoa, has recently published the book “The Dish of Wishes. My recipes for 25 famous people”. The book – with the preface signed by Antonella Clerici, a friend of Ricchebono’s, with whom he worked for several years on “La prova del cuoco” – contains a special menu, from appetizers to desserts, with 25 recipes dedicated to as many famous people of yesterday and today.

In the preparation of some recipes, the chef has used Santagata oil to give space and protagonism to a product that no longer wants to be a “simple” accompaniment but that, more and more, becomes the protagonist of interesting dishes, as in the case of “Bottolio”, a button-shaped ravioli dedicated to Giorgio Armani or “Anchovy on canvas”, a dish that “looks like a painting”. According to Ricchebono himself, the anchovy contains everything we can do with a fish. In the recipe is used everything, head, bones, interior to compose the sauce, salted anchovies crumble as a base and to close “oil powder”, obviously Santagata oil.

The common thread is the tradition of ingredients and territory, Ligurian and Italian, but always accompanied by innovation. Each recipe is combined with a famous character. Ivano and Elisa Ricchebono thought: “but if John Kennedy came to our restaurant, which dish would he choose?”.

Photo by Giulia La Monica. Ivano Ricchebono in the kitchen at The Cook.

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