What does it mean for Quality - Santagata 1907
What does it mean for Quality

What does it mean for Quality

In addition to direct control over suppliers through constant Audit planning, our company applies all the possible safeguards to ensure and offer to its customers a healthy, genuine product that complies with the most restrictive European standards in the case of extra virgin olive oil and vegetable oils.
Each batch of oil before being accepted in the company is subjected to sensory testing by the Internal Panel, a rate is collected and sent to the laboratory of the Consortium to which Santagata Luigi srl belongs and only after the positive results of the chemical-physical parameters, the product is discharged.
There are dozens of chemical-physical parameters that are analyzed for each oil sample, divided into quality parameters and parameters of purity. The purpose of this meticulous research is just to look for any fraud or adulteration that can not be attributed to the tasting test alone.
The outcome of these analyzes is communicated – for each lot purchased – to our customers, to prove the total transparency that has always distinguished us.

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