The olive plant and its maturation cycle - Santagata 1907
The olive plant and its maturation cycle

The olive plant and its maturation cycle

The maturation cycle of the olive plant goes through five different phases. In this period – the summer – we are about halfway through the process, as a natural process, it varies from region to region and depends both on the climate and the characteristics of each territory and each cultivar.

The first stage is called “mignolatura” (”sprouting”) and consists of the formation of inflorescences clusters. Next – in the spring and depending on latitude – the “bloom”, is the development of small white petals with yellow anthers. It is during the “allegation” that the fruit is formed. Only a small part of the flowers in relation to their number is intended to set. Once attached, the olives begin to increase weight and size regularly until the fall.

Around September, olive begins to change color – from green to yellow to dark purple. This phase is called “invaction” and is followed by the last one that is “full maturity”, reached according to the regions in a period between November and December.

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