“Selezione Oro” is a ‘Tasting Taste’ of Oliocentrico

“Selezione Oro” is a ‘Tasting Taste’ of Oliocentrico

Santagata 1907’s Selezione Oro extra virgin olive oil was reviewed by Luigi Caricato, director of Olio Officina, in the ‘Saggi Assaggi’ section of the 31st edition of Oliocentrico, the monthly magazine published by Olio Officina for oil enthusiasts.

This edition of Oliocentrico dedicated to “Saggi Assaggi” concludes the year that has just ended to welcome, with all good intentions, 2023. There are many reviews in its pages, where we also find the Platinum Awards of the Milan International Olive Oil Award 2022, “L’icona Taggiasca” with the inventiveness and originality of the Mela sisters, the review of the book “Storie della Taggiasca” and much more.

Oliocentrico takes the opportunity to recall two upcoming events in the oil world

– the 12th edition of the Olio Officina Festival, with the theme ‘Oil is progress’, which will take place in Milan, at Palazzo delle Stelline, from 2 to 4 March 2023. Highlight events will be the award ceremony of the 10th edition of the ‘Forme dell’Olio’ design contest and those of the 5th edition of ‘Forme dell’Aceto’.

– The 6th edition of the ‘Forum Olio & Ristorazione’ will take place on 29th May 2023 in Milan, again at the Palazzo delle Stelline, a day during which the Milan International Olive Oil Award prize-giving ceremony will also take place.

“For the Selezione Oro extra virgin olive oil, Santagata 1907 has created a blend that expresses different olive varieties, resulting in an Evo oil that tells the story of Italy”.

Read the full review of our Selezione Oro oil in Oliocentrico magazine at the following link:

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