Regional recipes: Claudio Fortuna

Regional recipes: Claudio Fortuna

Grand Hotel Miramare, Santa Margherita Ligure

Head Chef at Ristorante Vistamare, Claudio Fortuna, whose family has its roots in Abruzzo – was born in Paglieta, in the province of Chieti – and graduated from the Villa Santa Maria hotel and catering college. Ten years ago, following several seasons working in the most prestigious Ligurian hotels, and other regions, he was attracted to the Gran Hotel Miramare in Santa Margherita, first as a shift manager and, for the last three years, as the Head Chef of the Vistamare.

Previously, Fortuna boasted of prestigious collaborations with the Hotel Splendido in Portofino, the Cipriani in Venice, the Imperial Palace Hotel in Santa Margherita and the Excelsior Palace in Rapallo.

Santa Margherita prawns in cooking oil

Serves 10:

  • 1500 g Santa Margherita prawns
  • 300 g Santagata extra virgin olive oil
  • 3 g Maldon salt
  • 1 g vanilla pod
  • 1 g Szechuan pepper
  • 200 g pearl barley
  • 200 g brunoises vegetables
  • 10 coral wafers with squid ink
  • 100 g Santagata extra virgin olive oil gel
  • 50 g Santagata ‘Gelo’ extra virgin olive oil


Marinade the Santa Margherita prawns in the Maldon salt for 15 minutes. In a small bowl, cover with Santagata extra virgin olive oil, add the vanilla pod and the Szechuan pepper and seal. Steam bake at 62° for 10 minutes. Cook the pearl barley in plenty of salted water. Proceed to positively blast chill the prawns in their cooking liquid. Drain, accompany with the brunoises vegetables which have been blanches and dress with Santagata extra virgin olive oil, lime zest, salt and white pepper. Arrange the pearl barley on the plate together with the prawns, the Santagata extra virgin olive oil gel and a few drops of balsamic vinegar. Garnish with the ‘coral’ wafer. To serve, grate frozen extra virgin olive oil over the dish.

These recipes are taken from chapter 6 of the book “An Olive Oil Family” written by Cristina e Federico Santagata on the occasion of the 110 years of their company and pubblished by Olio Officina Edizioni.

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