Pesto World Championship #Digital Edition

Pesto World Championship #Digital Edition

Our company has been supporting the Genoa Pesto World Championship for many years now. Our extra virgin olive oil DOP Riviera Ligure branded Frantoio Portofino is among the seven “magic” ingredients that are proposed to the competitors of this tasty competition, now in its eighth edition.

The digital edition ended on Saturday 20 March at 12.15 pm. The Championship, scheduled for March 2020, was postponed due to the pandemic, and was finally held “remotely”. Competitors received ingredients and equipment at their homes and connected from all over the world.

The event ended with 15,000 views on the live streaming that was attended and interacted with by 100 “Pesto stars” and thousands of fans and onlookers. All those who experienced or witnessed the event, experts, cooking enthusiasts, historic judges of the final, chefs, the curious, young and old of all ages and professions, agreed on one possible winner: Pesto Genovese.

This confirms the strength of a territory when it unites around its traditions and roots. We are proud to be part of it!


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