EVO Oil: global influencers

EVO Oil: global influencers

Social networks and websites are the major sources of information about extra virgin olive oil, respectively they cover the 32.9% and 32.3% of the whole information about it. Social media are mainly oriented to revive cooking tips or comment negative news on oil counterfeits when they appear.

Communication managed through blogs is usually more professional and stands alone on 25.2%. Traditional newspaper and radio/TV broadcasts cover 8.1% of the communication but often they are able to influence remarks and positions that are then relaunched through social media and web.

The leading Italian news agency and publishing house dedicated to olive oil, Olio Officina (www.olioofficina.it) is among the major influencers at national level (70% of the Italian communication on olive oil). Among the industry associations, Coldiretti excels over the others. Among TV broadcasts, “La prova del Cuoco” appears to be the main sponsor of extra virgin olive oil, while it is curious that in the first positions for communicative activism we often find agencies, sites and forums dealing with cosmetics and wellness (MakeUpAlley, Saicosatispalmi, CheDonna.it and others).

(data analysis by Words/Monitoring Emotion)

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