Food landscape - Santagata 1907
Food landscape

Food landscape

“Food landscape” – wild boar in oil firing with olive oil ice cream – is the name of the recipe proposed by Francesco Pio De Santis and Michael Quarantino of the Federico di Svevia Institute of Termoli, led by the lecturer Mauro Inglese. They won the national competition “Ricette EVO” – section “Tradition”, reserved for the world of hotel education. The competition, in its first edition, was promoted by the “Nino Bergese” Institute of Sestri Ponente with the support of the Santagata olive oil company 1907.

Presentation by the authors

Wild boar in oliocottura with Bavarian chicory on sablé biscuit with extra virgin olive oil ice cream and raspberry spheres

The wild boar represents the wild side still very present in our region. The cooking oil allows to have a tender meat. For this type of cooking we have used the Leccino an olive oil with a strong taste, very common on the Molise kitchen.

Olive oil ice-cream is the element that most of all underlines the importance of olive oil, used in this dish as a main ingredient rather than a condiment. The olive oil is not only the protagonist of our ice cream but also of our region, both as an ingredient and as an important and representative part of our tradition, starting from the harvest (still done by hand) up to the final product.

The Bavarian chicory underlines the importance of agriculture in Molise. The savory sablè is the base of our dish, a hard and crunchy texture reminds us of the land from which everything originates. The raspberry drop adds an innovative and tasteful technique to the dish.


BOAR: 500g of wild boar, 2l leccino olive oil (for cooking)

ICE CREAM WITH OIL: 800g of milk, 200g of cream, 200g of Colletorto DOP olive oil, 60g of sugar, 40g of fine salt.

SABLE’ SALATO: 130g of 00 flour, 80g of Venafro olive oil, 70g of Parmesan, 1 egg yolk.

BAVARESE ALLA CICORIA: 125g of chicory, 30g of Venafro olive oil, 200g of cream, 100g of milk, 8g of isinglass.

RASPBERRY DROP: 250 g of water, 2 g of calcium chloride, 125 g of raspberry juice, 2 g of sodium alginate.


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