Cristina Santagata receives the BPER Restart Italy Award

Cristina Santagata receives the BPER Restart Italy Award

We are very pleased to have participated in the event “L’Economia d’Italia”, the journey of L’Economia del Corriere through our country that recounts its production districts, supply chains and excellences, and to have received the BPER BANCA “RESTART ITALY” award.

In this stage dedicated to Liguria, the region’s entrepreneurial excellences and institutions met to recount an entrepreneurial fabric ready to face the challenges of digital and energy transformation.

It is precisely in this context that Cristina Santagata receives the BPER Banca Restart Italy award from Luigi Zanti, BPER Banca Liguria Territorial Director, in recognition of the resistance and resilience demonstrated in the area, of the contingent activity that Santagata 1907 carries out and of what it represents and has represented over decades of entrepreneurial activity. The award-winning companies represent an area that is characterised by the sea but also stands out for its land and therefore for agriculture.

“It is a great pleasure to receive this award at a difficult time. Is agriculture sustainable? Yes and no. Let’s say it could be more so. That is the goal we have set ourselves in this new challenge. We are a historical company founded in 1907, our core business is and always will be olive oil, but certainly the relationship we have had in this abundant century with agriculture has made us think about how much need there is for sustainability in agriculture. So our next challenge, which we are already experiencing, is precisely that of having created a start-up that wants to propose and present ‘intelligent agriculture’ solutions, precisely because in our opinion there is so much need in the world and especially in Italy. Italian agriculture is an enormous resource, we have incredible potential, we see it also in Liguria, Ligurian oil is in fact an excellence. There is a great need to grow and catch up with our colleagues and competitors around the world, because by now everything is globalised, even agriculture. Our goal is to remain within tradition but with an eye to the future, to growth and therefore to a new agriculture”. – Cristina Santagata

Together with Cristina Santagata, prizes were also awarded to Barbara Amerio, CEO Sustainability Director Amer Yachts, a family business established in 1973 and involved in the construction and outfitting of yachts and boats, and Piero Paolo Delprato, Chairman Racing Force Group, a leading Group in the motorsport safety devices market, with the most complete and advanced catalogue.

The award ceremony was the closing event of “The Economy of Italy”, which was opened by the institutional speeches of Genoa Mayor Marco Bucci and Liguria Region President Giovanni Toti, and continued with an interview with Stefano Vittorio Kuhn, Chief Retail & Commercial Banking Officer BPER Banca, and a round table discussion with Riccardo Iovino, CEO EdiliziAcrobatica, Beniamino Maltese, Executive Vice President and Costa Group CFO, Marco Moncalvo, Head of Helan’s R&D Laboratory, Andrea Razeto, Vice-President of Confindustria Nautica, Paolo Emilio Signorini, President Ports of Genoa, and Giosuè Vizzuto, Marine Executive Vice President – RINA.

The event was moderated by Massimo Fracaro, Corriere della Sera Economics Editorial Manager, and Giovanni Stringa, Corriere della Sera Journalist.

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