Santagata 1907’s first sustainability report

Santagata 1907’s first sustainability report

Santagata 1907 has embarked on a Sustainability journey, aware of the growing importance of integrating sustainability issues into business strategy.

The main objective is to identify relevant issues, monitor their progress, and set ESG targets for the following years, taking an approach that goes beyond mere regulatory compliance.

After much work, the company is pleased to present the results of its first Sustainability Report 2022/2023, a document with the intent of reporting activities, results and goals of the company.

Santagata 1907 considers sustainability to be a key lever for the creation of value over time. For this reason, we are determined to conduct our activities considering the interests of the stakeholders, with the understanding that dialogue and shared goals are tools necessary for mutual growth.

The sustainability path undertaken defines concrete actions for the company and the future generations, so as to actively contribute to the process of sustainable transition of the olive-oil supply chain: fair, conscious, and respecting the values of Society and nature.

The company’s strategy has as its scope the continuous improvement of its services, with targeted interventions

toward the value chain. A streamlined and consolidated business model has helped to respond quickly and effectively to exogenous phenomena of exceptional magnitude, such as the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the recent dramatic war events that are affective Europe and making profound transformations in the energy and digital transition, the circular economy, and the preservation of natural resources.

This document is a concrete testimony to the path that has been started. For the first time, Santagata 1907 shares the main sustainability issues, their impacts and the commitment to mitigate them in the areas of social, governance as well as environmental and human rights protection, whilst always ensuring high quality for our products.

See the first Sustainability Report 2022/2023 here.

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