In a year in which our lives and the lives of our companies are heavily impacted by the pandemic caused by the spread of Covid 19, we have decided to invest in the production of small, single-serving bottles and containers of extra virgin olive oil.

We are producing and distributing – also free of charge for associations working in hospitals or supporting Covid 19 patients – small bottles and containers of 100, 20 and 10 ml.

The idea obviously stems from the need to guarantee a quality product in a context complicated by the spread of contagion, which has strongly influenced the food service sector and seen the multiplication of home delivery and take-away food experiences.

For the 10 ml containers, we chose Snap&Squeeze – an Australian patent for which Menz&Gasser has exclusive rights in Europe – because it has many advantages over the more common sachets: it is practical, clean, hygienic and innovative. It allows you to see the contents and does not cause any problems when opening.

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