Santagata 1907 Spa would like to inform that all the necessary measures have been applied to allow all our employees to work safely and to ensure a steady and consistent service to our customers. We aim at providing continuous support to our clients, while following all the precautions that have to be adopted in situations such as the current COVID-19 case.

The regulations adopted by the Italian government to limit the spread of Coronavirus do not mean a total lockdown. The entire country has been declared affected area, so all regions are included. Italy’s restrictions will remain in place until at least April 3. Italians are told to not travel, schools nationwide are shuttered, and nearly all public events, from soccer matches to funerals, will halt.

However, business goes on and companies remain open.

We have introduced homeworking for some of our staff and tele meetings with clients, suppliers and partners, while events, staff travel and external visits have been suspended until at least April 3. These measures are being reviewed constantly in light of new information.

On the other hand, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that coronavirus can be spread through food consumption. Scientists and authorities across the world are monitoring the spread of the virus and there have not been any reports of transmission through food. The mode of infection is primarily respiratory. Furthermore, as far as olive oils are concerned, please be assured that microbial contaminations are not to be considered as real risk as olive oils are not a microorganism-growing substrate, due to the absence of water, carbohydrates, nitrogen substances and other growing factors.

We’re implementing the following protocol to face the COVID-19 emergency and safeguard the health of our staff and our customers:


All employees are required to monitor their temperature daily and in case of fever (above 37.5°C), to contact their doctor and their employer in order to ascertain their admissibility to work.

All employees coming to work are required to fill in a self-declaration form stating that they’ve respected the company’s policy.

Staff is encouraged to wash hands frequently with hot water and soap in clean hand washing stations; hand sanitisers, masks and gloves are given out to staff.

All external visitors (suppliers/customers/consultants) will be required to adopt the same measures as our company’s employees, and won’t be admitted to our premises if they come from affected areas or were subject to potential exposure to the virus.

A specific control procedure has been implemented (self-declaration form) and, if necessary, a disinfection process will be put in place.

Drivers are not admitted inside the warehouses, with the exception of the toilet areas, but they have to use hand sanitisers before and after using the toilets and wear a mask. Transport documents are left in a booth outside the warehouse and handled with gloves.


Activities requiring the gathering of people inside and outside our premises are replaced by other types of activities (such as videoconferencing) for the duration of the threat.

Meetings with external visitors where necessary are replaced with audio and video conferences.


National and international business trips are suspended.


All employees able to do so, according to the individual needs, are required to work remotely, being such contractual practice a useful instrument to limit the contact among people and allow efficiently facing this type of emergency.


As the situation evolves, keeping you informed on our measures and their extension will be our priority.

A list of guidelines educating employees on the signs and symptoms of Coronavirus and the precautions that need to be taken to minimize the risk of contracting the virus is posted on the company’s notice boards. The list includes the institutional websites to be checked to have information on the virus and all the emergency numbers to be contacted in case of symptoms.

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