Santagata and Secolo XIX: The healthy snack

Santagata and Secolo XIX: The healthy snack

Santagata sponsored the initiative, promoted by the Secolo XIX, “The healthy snack”. A contest involving the hotel schools of Liguria.

The challenge is to offer a recipe for a snack of the youngers, in a healthy Mediterranean diet, where extra virgin olive oil can only be the absolute protagonist, given its organoleptic characteristics and the fundamental contribution to the health of our children.

Each school will add other ingredients – in addition to oil, flour and sugar – up to a maximum of four, to make up the tasty and healthy snack that more than anything else can represent the correct nutritional education, the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

Santagata accompany the creative process through the discovery of the Mediterranean Diet, UNESCO intangible heritage from 2010, up to the awarding of the best “healthy snack”.

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