ONAOO Tasting sessions - Santagata 1907
ONAOO Tasting sessions

ONAOO Tasting sessions

Santagata invests in training and updating of its staff. For us, the Olive Oil is a passion established over time and we are always ready to improve our preparation day after day.

As a guarantee of the high quality of our services, the entire management of Santagata is a professional taster and Santagata has participated at ONAOO (National Organization of Olive Oil Tasters), since its foundation in 1983, when Mario Santagata, grandfather of the current owners, was one of the first members of the organization.

The taste is the beating heart of our business and the continuous training and upgrading are crucial to always maintain a high level of preparation of our team.

That’s the reason why tasting sessions organized by ONAOO  are an essential stage of formation for our professional growth.

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