Potato ravioli with Baccala and Taggiasca Olives - Santagata 1907
Potato ravioli with Baccala and Taggiasca Olives

Potato ravioli with Baccala and Taggiasca Olives

The recipe we propose interprets a “classic” of the Italian cuisine revisiting it with some of the most popular Genoese and Ligurian products, which are baccalà and taggiasche olives. Obviously our extra-virgin olive oil is perfectly matched.


For the potato ravioli: 1kg of potatoes from mountain, 2 eggs, a bit of butter, 3 spoons of parmesan cheese, salt, nutmeg.
For pasta: 400 g flour type 00, 50 g hard wheat flour, 4 eggs.
For the sauce: 5 fresh tomatoes, 1 clove of garlic, 1 chili pepper, 200 gr. of olives, Santagata extra virgin olive oil, 500 g baccalà (stockfish cod).




Boil the potatoes in “salt” water, peel and cook them. Transfer them into a bowl and let them make colder. In the meanwhile, prepare the pasta mixing the two flours on the pastry board, make a crater where you will add the eggs. Mix well until the mixture is homogeneous, smooth and elastic.  Let him rest covered with a damp rag for about half an hour.  At this point, combine butter, eggs, parmesan cheese, salt, pepper and nutmeg with potatoes; Mix well until you get a homogeneous mixture.
Pull the puff pastry by getting some long rectangles.Distribute spoons of butter to the potatoes by spacing well.Put on a second floor of pasta. Press the pastry to remove the air trapped between the two sheets. Cut the “tortelli” with a toothed wheel. Seal the edges of the tortille with the fork knives. Prepare the sauce by cooking the spelled tomato, without the seeds, with the baccalà and the other ingredients.
Cook the ravioli and, once ready, pan fry them with Santagata’s extra virgin olive oil.

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