How to select the best olive oils - Santagata 1907
How to select the best olive oils

How to select the best olive oils

The staff of our company consists of experts and professional tasters who, throughout the year, go directly to the olive oil mills and farms to select the best raw materials. Olive oil is a product of nature. The process of growing olives, from flowering to production, must be verified throughout its natural course.

It’s a complex job: the choice of raw materials is just the beginning of a quality chain involving production, pressing, transport, bottling and – from one stage to another – laboratory analysis to verify the correct chemical and physical parameters.

Over the last few months, our experts are traveling across the Mediterranean basin to monitor the ripening of the fruits of the olive trees. In our company, the purchase of raw material is only made by accredited suppliers, long-time collaborators of Santagata. Photos, for example, refer to the production of our supplier in Greece.

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