Our company has been operating in the cooking oil sector for over a century. The company, which selects high-quality olive oils and extra virgin olive oils and distributes them in Italy and all over the world, was established by Giovanni Battista Santagata, in 1907, in Camogli, a small fishing village on the Ligurian coast. Today, five generations later, after being included in the Historical Company Register (2012), the Santagata family keeps operating with the same passion, dedication and professionalism as the founder, so much so that it has achieved the I.F.S. (International Featured Standards) certification, based on a worldwide-shared assessment method aimed at qualifying and selecting the food product suppliers that meet the highest standards in terms of food quality and safety.

The company aims at fully integrating into the different cultural and social contexts where it operates; as a consequence, it conducts its business in accordance with ethical values that are compatible with the respect of the environment and the protection and safety of employees, through compliance with laws, professionalism, correctness and transparency. In relations with competitors, it complies with the rules that regulate competition. It is careful about confidentiality, dignity of individuals and environment protection, to ensure an efficient and correct work method, complying with the above-mentioned principles, which it deems adequate and necessary to operate both on the Italian market and abroad.

The attention and respect with which it deals with anyone coming into contact with the Company have led Santagata to develop a particularly keen awareness of its social responsibility, prompting it to adopt a set of reference standards for the market sector where it operates, allowing it to measure its performances and to assess them in the light of the above-mentioned ethical principles. It has obtained multiple certifications, from the compliance with the organic product requirements (ICEA) to that with the strict criteria set out by the above-mentioned I.F.S. (International Featured Standards), from the Kosher approval to the registration by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and to the Halal certification (World Halal Authority).

This Code of Ethics (you can download the full version here) is an integral part of the Organisation and Control Model, adopted by Santagata even in order to formally define a set of procedures and conducts that not only are based on the obligation of observing the principles of correctness and diligence, which have always shaped the actions of every member of the organisation, but are also aimed at spreading to the outside the ethical conduct rules that have allowed it to win respect in its sector and in the national economic context, in order to explain its modus operandi and to induce its suppliers to comply with the above-mentioned principles.

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