Olive Oil & Catering Forum - Santagata 1907
Olive Oil & Catering Forum

Olive Oil & Catering Forum

The extra virgin olive oil Selezione di Santagata 1907 will be part of the “Reasonable guide to the best extra virgin olive oils in the world on the market” that will be presented at the fourth edition of the Forum Olio & Ristorazione organized by Olio Officina.

On October 11th the second part of the fourth edition of the Forum Olio & Ristorazione, an event conceived and organized by Olio Officina with the coordination of the oleologist Luigi Caricato, will be held at the Sala Leonardo of Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan.

After the first part, which was held remotely last May 24, this time the forum will take place in presence and will be aimed primarily at catering professionals of the Horeca channel, but not only, also to fans and curious people who can participate, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., by booking at segreteria@olioofficina.net or follow the event live streaming from the site of Olio Officina.

“Oil on the menu” is the theme of this fourth edition, which aims at the conscious consumption of this food / food starting from restaurants as a vehicle to get directly to consumers. The menu of restaurants is an important communication tool, but still too underestimated, for this reason we ask ourselves: how are extra virgin olive oils presented in Italian restaurants and abroad? Why is it so difficult to introduce new references of oils in restaurants?

The growing desire to know everything that is behind and inside the dish has led to the desire to review, remodel and reinterpret the concept of oil used in the traditional way, as well as improving the choice and use of oils in our kitchens.

We must give oil the right credit for the role it plays in the kitchen, for this we must adopt a new approach to extra virgin olive oils, so different from each other both for the organoleptic characteristics for those sensory, and consequently for their performance in the dishes.

All this will be discussed during the Forum, in the meeting that will take place between oleologists, chefs, restaurateurs, communication experts and oil companies that will discuss the role of oil in catering and its culture, as well as the role that the dissemination of the great and extraordinary variety of Italian cuisine can have for the spread of a conscious diet, even in restaurants.

During the event will also be presented the “Reasonable guide to the best extra virgin olive oils in the world on the market”, a publication currently being printed by Olio Officina editions and which includes our extra virgin olive oil Selezione, a condiment with a balanced bouquet, with notes of artichoke and almond and a light fruitiness with notes of bitter and spicy.

At the end of the day will take place the awards ceremony as part of the Milan International Olive Oil Award to give proper recognition to the best oils on the market.

There will also be tasting benches to taste and enjoy oils from different regions of Italy and the rest of the world, “an opportunity to delve into a world of flavors, smells and tastes in some ways still little known and that can open unexpected horizons”.

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