At school with Santagata - Santagata 1907
At school with Santagata

At school with Santagata

Thanks to the initiative “Merenda della salute”, we went back at school, guests of Immacolatine Institute in Genoa, where a class of students – accompanied by teacher Monica – has examined the issue of proper nutrition and has worked for the promotion of our olive oli.
Students welcomed with enthusiasm Cristina Santagata who presented the history of the company and the family and explained the main characteristics of olive oil, the production system and the healthful qualities of this natural product.
Students posed many questions, interested in knowing the different qualities of olives, harvesting techniques and also the possibility of oil use, both at the table and in other contexts, such as body products. The meeting ended eating bread and olive oil! An excellent opportunity to stimulate young people to discover scents and aromas through a curious and attentive tasting.
We would like to thank the teachers and the school for the experience and to make our congratulations to the whole class for their work, as shown in the images below!

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